Monday, December 01, 2014

introducing — The Santa Story


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shannon (12-01-2014 at 7:11pm):

How do you book? I'm interested. And is this price for a family? We have two kids.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Introducing The ARPcrew!


"I want my business to feel like an awesome party. One where I get to hang out with my friends, and make cool stuff for people we love. — A" 

When I made this post, I was in the middle of deciding the future direction of ARP. I realized that after 10 years of business I could continue down the same path, or I could choose to take a completely different one.

I love what I do. I love what WE are asked to do for our ARPfamily of clients, and I LOVE the "WE" in that statement. Cultivating and growing the ARPcrew is a passion of mine, and over the years I have had some amazing crew members - people that I consider family. So, I decided that I wanted to "grow" the ARPcrew a little differently. 

I love this business that Jeff and I started in 2004, and the time has come to share it with other creatives. For the first time ever, we have hired PHOTOGRAPHERS! If you've been around me long enough, you know I'm a BIG IDEA GAL, and with more photographers and an awesome Studio Coordinator, we're going to make those big ideas happen!

So, let me introduce you to the new ARPcrew :)

Haley Edmiston : Studio Coordinator - She really is the one that keeps us crazies in line, and you'll love her southern charm. She's in charge of all things "ARP," and there's no way we could go on this big adventure without her.

ME : Creative Director / Photographer - I'm still around and shooting a limited number of Custom Sessions as well as stepping into my super exciting role as the Creative Director of ARP.

Rebecca Dodson : Photographer - Not only is Rebecca one of our amazing new Photographers, but with a background in Interior Design, she's also great at using your images to create custom designs for your home. Rebecca will be working with our ARPkids, ARPfamilies, ARPseniors, and she'll be in your Ordering Appointment! Rebecca had a wonderful photography business in Florida for years, and I knew the second I met her that she would be a perfect addition to ARP.

Kellie Conlon : Photographer - Let me just say that Kellie is the BEST newborn photographer I know, and I am beyond excited that she'll be taking care of all of our ARPnewborns and ARPbabies. Newborns are intense sessions, and Kellie's work is amazing! This fine art approach is something that I am thrilled to bring to our family of clients.

What does the future of ARP look like? Well, there are just so many things to tell you, but for now, I just wanted to start the introductions.

We've officially started an Instagram account (@allisonrodgersphotography) so look for us there :) Announcements for some fun events and special sessions will be happening soon, so keep your eyes open! 

Allison & The ARPcrew :)


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Lanne (11-03-2014 at 6:39pm):

Congratulations on your exciting new happenings. ARP is awesome because of what you and Jeff bring to the table and your vision. I cant see this being anything but another big success!

Tina Wilson (11-04-2014 at 10:03pm):

Congrats sweet lady! I know you'll have a blast working this new venture!

amanda wilson (11-08-2014 at 6:39pm):

Cliff and I are so excited for you and the crew! Nothing like new adventures!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Mr. & Mrs. SMITH!!!!!

We like the sound of that :)

These two have been part of our ARPfamily for a very long time!
Not only do they make an awesome couple, but they have 3 adorable boys :) 

We've loved watching this family grow over the years, and we were so honored when Wes & Kristi asked us to tell the story of their big day.

The attention to detail at this wedding was amazing :) Chad Conley had a vision for this event, and he created such a beautiful envirnoment for these two to tie the knot!

Enjoy this sneak peek you guys!!!!


Allison & The ARPcrew :)





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Jenifor Kristen (11-19-2014 at 8:41am):

She looks gorgeous in that dress.

Jenifor Kristen (11-19-2014 at 8:41am):

She looks gorgeous in that dress.

Thursday, October 23, 2014



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Jenifor Kristen (12-10-2014 at 8:31am):

Awesome post.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


WOW! What a beautiful wedding!

The weather, the venue, the attention to detail of the decor — breathtaking!
We are so honored that you guys chose us to be part of the talented team in charge of your big day.

The mood that was created is not something that is easily achieved at weddings! Family and friends truly enjoyed themselves, and I can't think of one thing I would change!

Being in front of the camera all day is HARD, and you guys were amazing! :) 

Thank you for trusting us with this sweet story.

We miss you guys already!!!


Allison & The ARPcrew

Thank you so much to Angela Mazanti Events, Maggie Louise Bridal, CFY Catering (and many others!!!!) for creating such a magical night!


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Jenifor Kristen (12-09-2014 at 1:00am):

The dress is adorable.